Karl Gjellerup

Karl Gjellerup

THE LAUREATE: Karl Gjellerup was born in 1857 in Zealand, the son of a vicar. He rejected the romantic nonsense he was born into and threw himself into naturalism. Later in life, he threw himself into a sort of Wagnerian neo-romanticism. He moved to Germany in the 1880s and stayed there, supporting their aims through the war. Late in life, he took up Buddhism as a theme, and his novel The Pilgrim Kamanita is actually on Indonesia’s school reading list for some reason.

WHAT I’M READING: MinnaREVIEW: Harald something or other falls in love with a girl named Minna. He is kind of a dick to her, but so is this painter who left her and expected her to want to marry him. She picks the painter dude, and he keeps kind of being a dick to her. Then he dumps her in a sanitarium and dies. Ugh. Romantic drivel at its worst

RECOMMENDED: No. Absolutely not.

WHAT’S NEXT: Camilio Jose Cela’s Mazurka for Two Dead Men

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