Carl Spitteler

THE LAUREATE: Nobel biography and Wikipedia page

WHAT I’M READING: A very skimpy selection from Der Olympische Fruhling in some odd book I bought from Better World Books, plus whatever my friend manages to finish translating for me from the same work.

REVIEW: From what I have so far, I can’t give a fair review. The selection from Der Olympische Fruhling was all of two pages, and Spitteler’s German was mutilated into heroic couplets. If my friend doesn’t hook me up with some translations before this gets published, I will say, though, that the material was as tacky as the medium. It reads like something Alexander Pope would have written. Ugh.

RECOMMENDED: Not the German Publication Society’s translation, at least. When my friend gets his translation published, of course I’m going to plug it.

WHAT’S NEXT: Frederic Mistral’s Epic of Provence, Mireio

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