Jose Echegaray

THE LAUREATE: Jose Echegaray was born to an educated family in Madrid. He himself pursued medicine and engineering in addition to writing plays, copiously. He was the first Spaniard to win the Nobel and one of the first to share a prize (with Frederic Mistral)

WHAT I’M READING: Mariana REVIEW: Meh. Maybe I am not the correct audience for popular drama, but this particular play seemed pretty dull. So, this girl Mariana had TERRIBLE THINGS happen to her when she was a girl, and thus she acts like a TOTAL BITCH to the ONLY GUY WHO WILL EVER REALLY LOVE HER. It turns out that HIS FATHER was the guy who did those TERRIBLE THINGS to her, so she marries a jerk to escape him but can’t put him out of her mind. He sneaks into her house on her wedding night, changes her mind about him, then her husband shoots her and the curtain drops before they duel.

RECOMMENDED: Meh. Not really. Maybe his other plays are better, and all of them are free online.

WHAT’S NEXT: Probably Harold Pinter.

A SIDE NOTE: I am pumping these out this week to try to get myself back on schedule. National Poetry Month will have me posting something just about every other day, and MERICA MONTH (July) will have something every three days, but May and June should be two posts a week.

This entry was posted in 1904.

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