August Strindberg

August Strindberg

THE ANTI-LAUREATE: I will let Wikipedia go into surprising detail. You will, of course, recognize Strindberg as the only Scandinavian author besides Henrik Ibsen that your local library has in the non-fiction section.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH HIM: I read The Father a while before I wrote this entry. It was ugly and painfully misogynistic. But, let’s be fair, he wrote it not long after his wife divorced him and made him question the paternity of his own children, which I guess was a legitimate concern.

WHAT I’M READING: I’ve got a book with seven of his plays. I’ll read whatever comes easily.REVIEW: From the author’s introduction to Miss Julie: “Thus, the theater has long been a public school for the young, for people not too well educated, and for those women who still possess that primitive faculty of deceiving and being deceived.” No, let’s try something else.

Comrades, Strindberg’s satire on the emancipation of women-” Let me stop you right there. No.

The Stronger is a monologue about an actress realizing how much better she is than the actress she “stole” her husband from. Blegh.

On the second page of The Bond: “One would think all women had gone crazy. Every now and then my old woman comes up with this idea that if there was any justice in this world I would bear children too.” That’s enough of that.


LITERARY DUSTUP WINNER: Hauptmann, hands down.

WHAT’S NEXT: Wole Soyinka


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