J. M. G. le Clezio

J.M.G. le Clezio

THE LAUREATE: JMG le Clezio was born in Nice in 1940. His first novel caused quite a stir when it came out and won him one literary prize and got him shortlisted for another. While enlisted in the French army, he was expelled from Thailand for protesting child prostitution. He currently teaches French language and literature at a variety of colleges around the world.

WHAT I’M READING: The Interrogation, which was le Clezio’s first novel.REVIEW: The Interrogation is an unusual book, to say the least. Adam Pollo, an unemployed man squatting in a vacation house, wanders about aimlessly, lost in his inner world. The plot happens around Adam’s musings- we hear that he was in the army, that he left his home suddenly; he harangues a crowd near the end of the book, only to end up in a mental hospital; he follows a dog for several days. All this is less significant to the narrator (who apparently is not Adam, confusingly enough) than Adam’s thoughts and emotions. So, yeah. French New Wave Catcher in the Rye.

RECOMMENDED: Sure, why not? You can never have too much crazy stream of consciousness.


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