Naguib Mahfouz

THE LAUREATE: More later, but Mahfouz was the first Middle Eastern laureate and is still the only one who wrote in Arabic.

WHAT I”M READING: Akhenten, Dweller in Truth, which I think I found in the free book bin at the library. Woohoo!

REVIEW: Akhenaten tells a fictionalized story of the Egyptian pharaoh of the same name who rejected the traditional gods and established a cult of Aten. Mahfouz tells it through interviews with a variety of people, from the high priest of Amon to a guard Akhenaten befriended and made the chief of police in his new capital. Every person tells a slightly different version of events, depending on their own agendas and social statuses and relationships with Akhenaten. It’s very well constructed. I approve.

RECOMMENDED?: Absolutely. i found another book by Mahfouz for a dollar. Totes reading it when I can.

WHAT’S NEXT: Two plays by Jacinto Benavente


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